Winter Is Coming: Off Season Prep Checklist

Well, it’s that time of year again- you may have just made your last cut, or you’re about to. Here in Buford, morning temps will just barely touch the freezing mark. Yep. Dormant season is here. Now it’s time to make sure that our machinery will be nicely tucked away for the winter months. So, what’s the best way to “winterize” your machine? Glad you asked! We have some fantastic suggestions. 


Let’s start with your fuel system. If you’ve got a motor that has a “fuel shut-off” option, you’ll want to consider using it when you get a chance. Here at Reel Rollers, when we’re done mowing, we typically don’t use the on/off switch, instead opting to run the fuel out of the carburetor. We choose to burn fuel out of the carburetor as carburetors can very easily lose their efficiency or operation when anything on the inside of it could corrode, or collect undesirable films that come from using gasoline with ethanol in it. Before you shut off the fuel, it helps to add a little Stens Shield Fuel Stabilizer so that the gas that sits in your machine all winter doesn’t also go bad, or “stale.” Gasoline can experience breakdown over time, and you’ll want to be sure that your fuel is ready to go in the Spring when the grass starts greening up. 

Chain and Wire Rope Lubricants: 20° to 110°F, PTFE, 11 oz, Aerosol Can, Yellow, Liquid, For Chain
Chain and Wire Rope Lubricants: 20° to 110°F, PTFE, 11 oz, Aerosol Can, Yellow, Liquid, For Chain

Finally, after a thorough cleaning, we like to make sure that all of the exposed metal on the machine is well lubricated. Chains, sprockets, and blade tips are a good place to start when lubricating for the winter time. Even when cool season temperatures drop, it doesn’t mean that the humidity goes away. With humidity, moisture can start the spoiling process of your machines most important metals. You can easily prevent surface rust by applying chain lube to your chains, sprockets, and blade tips. The Liquid Wrench Chain and Cable Lube is a perfect option for making sure that your metal is going to be ready for the upcoming season! 

While you’re getting your hands dirty, you may find that this is a great time to give some TLC to your power unit. Changing the air filter, spark plug, and engine oil is the BEST way to ensure the overall health and lifespan of your engine.

Use these simple tips to make sure that your machine is in tip top shape when you get ready for the next season of grass cutting. Be sure to check out other deals and new products in the upcoming months by going to 

  1. Stabilize Fuel
  2. Run Carburetor Dry of Fuel
  3. Perform Maintenance to Motor: Oil/Air Filter/Spark Plug Change
  4. Grease All Zerks
  5. Lubricate All Exposed Metal Including Blade Tips


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Reel Rollers Turf Party 2022

Reel Rollers 2022 Turf Party

We’re back at it! 2020 left us with this weird taste in our mouth that we shouldn’t be together. But haven’t we all moved past that?! The answer? Yes, absolutely, one-thousand times YES. So, we’re breaking out of our shells again, and meeting up for the grandest event in the world of reel mowing. We thought to ourselves- “why would anyone come to an event like this?” Personally, I think that the answer is simple; people that are passionate about their lawns like to talk about it. Seriously, if I had a dollar for every time someone showed me a picture of how their turf is looking, I’d have like thirty-five bucks… A WEEK! The point is, we love your passion, yes you. If you’re reading this, you probably love a good morning mow, and are interested in many, if not all of the things that we are too. So, come and enjoy the company of the Reel Rollers Staff, Ron Henry, and plenty of folks that frequent the shop here in Buford.

What can you expect if you’re able to come? Well, if you’ve been here before, you know that you can expect some libations, (BEER) barbecue (PORK, CHICKEN) games (CORNHOLE). Of course, we’ll do some product demonstrations of some of the newest arrivals here at Reel Rollers- think… for us to do a demo on the new IDECH Rotary Scissors, we have to not edge our turf for a week or two! We’re making some sacrifices here, folks. Surely you know how bothersome it is to mow, and not quite finish of the perfect job. We know you know.

IDECH Rotary Scissors
IDECH Rotary Scissors (before edging)
IDECH Rotary Scissors
IDECH Rotary Scissors (after edging)

We’ll show you how we do what we do here- come and check out the process, our facility, and the products that we use ourselves, like the Liquid Wrench Chain Lube.

But more than anything, we want to have fun. We enjoy doing what we do because we appreciate our customers. We want to host an environment that helps one another grow in our interests. Perhaps we’ll all learn something! Oh, and if you’re worried about missing your college team’s game, we’ll have several TVs all with college football. We hope that you can join us! See you on October 8th, from noon to 5pm! RSVP here. 




You Can Mow, And Not Blow

You Can Mow, And Not Blow

Everyone knows what the perfect Saturday looks like… it’s the first weekend of September, the days have just begun to cool down; there’s a crisp breeze blowing, and your lawn is still giving a big thumbs up to the weather. Nothing can stop you, UGG-clad, flannel-wearing lawn master! Except maybe one thing: You’ve just started the engine to what the Guinness Book of World records has estimated to be the world-title grass cannon. There’s no stopping it. The clippings will be everywhere… the fur of your boots, behind your kid’s ears, and all over the driveway and street.

Look, we’ve all shared the same struggle. We love doing what we do, but let’s be honest, it could be a little better right? That’s why Reel Rollers worked hard to develop the Grass Topper. This device fits the OEM grass bins for California Trimmer, McLane, and Tru Cut – in all sizes. It finally eliminates at least ONE of the challenges that reel mowing enthusiasts face when chasing the perfect Saturday. Take a look at the promotional video and have a laugh!

At the end of the day, it’s another tool you can store in the arsenal that makes you a smarter lawn guy or girl. Whether it’s Zoysia, Bermuda, Perennial Ryegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass… the topper has you covered. Literally. It’ll even help you in those early Fall weeks when the leaves start coming down. The grass topper will help you lasso all that loose debris that you just don’t want cramping your style when your friends show up to watch the football game with you. Interested in learning more about Reel Rollers Grass Topper? Click on the product below.

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You Can Mow, And Not Blow

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