Front Rollers

A Great Cut Every Time

A Great Cut Every Time

Our patented front rollers significantly reduces scalping, stripes your lawn, and results in a more even cut every time.

Front Rollers

Stripe Don't Scalp!

It will also give a “stripe” to your yard, because it lays the grain of the grass in the same direction the mower is traveling.

Easy Install

Easy Install

Our front rollers are a revolutionary new attachment that replace your stock front wheels and install in less than 10 minutes.

Science behind the Roller

Step 1:

Choose Smooth or Grooved Front Roller

Smooth Front Roller

- Ideal for new and uneven lawns -
  • Eliminates scalping
  • Stripes your lawn
  • Smooths uneven lawns
  • Added front weight reduces bouncing and uneven cut
  • Extends the lift of your reel mower blades

Grooved Front Roller

- Ideal for thick established lawns -

All of the advantages of the Smooth Front Roller, plus:

  • Reduces Thatch
  • Tighter Cut
  • Straighter Lines

*There’s a reason commercial reel mowers have Grooved Front Rollers