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Reel Rollers and Swardman decide to part ways

After three years of partnership, Reel Rollers has decided to step away from selling Swardman products indefinitely.

Swardman is growing and expanding its manufacturing operations

The year 2020 is a year of major changes, innovations and great figures for Swardman. Thanks to record sales, the company has decided to make a major investment and to expand its manufacturing operations.

Swardman Introduces the New Edwin 2.1

Swardman presents an innovative model of the Edwin cylinder mower. Its name is Edwin 2.1 and it is the successor of the Edwin 2.0 model introduced by Swardman in 2017. The Swardman Edwin 2.1 comes with a number of innovations and enhancements to provide even better grass cuts, easier operation and handling as well as the extended lifetime of the machine. The mower can be ordered as early as on 10th January.

Swardman launches reel mowers in the U.S.

Prague, Czech Republic – Swardman, a Czech Republic-based manufacturer of reel mowers, has launched a range of gas and battery-powered walk-behind mowers now available in the United States. The mowers are aimed at contractors with a focus on residential lawns. Swardman, with its all-metal construction mowers, comes with a multifunctional 4 in 1 cassette system...

Swardman Electra won the prestigious German Design Awards 2019

The Swardman Electra battery-powered reel mower entered the market just a year ago, and during its first season, this model has been successful on the US, German and Czech market. A report on the winning of the German Design Awards 2019 is now coming from Frankfurt. In the competition of 5,400 entries, Swardman Electra won in the Garden & Outdoor Living category...

Swardman is Now Selling Reel Mowers in the US through

Reel Rollers, a Georgia-based distributor of reel mowers, has now become the exclusive distributor of Swardman reel mowers. For the first time, US customers are able to buy from the latest range of mowers designed and built by the Czech Republic-based manufacturer, as well as accessories, spare parts, backlap kits, and cartridge reel services, all with Swardman’s official sign approval...

Swardman celebrates 6th anniversary

Six years ago, on January 23, 2013, a lawn enthusiast Tomas Sena founded Swardman in order to produce the best lawn mowers in the world. Over the years, the company has shifted considerably and has become a recognized manufacturer of reel mowers on three continents - in Europe, the US and Australia. Annual sales growth, the introduction of new models, new export markets, investment in development and production...