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Swardman Electra 55 Reel Mower

Unfortunately we are sold out of Electra 45 and Electra 55 Swardman mowers.  The next container of Electra 45 and 55 mowers will be arriving August 24th.  Placing your order in advance means your mower will be in this container and will ship as soon as they arrive to our shop.  We are incredibly sorry for the delay.  The reason for our back order is two fold.  First, several of the suppliers for Swardman had to close temporarily due to the Corona virus right before the peak of our season.  Second, the demand for these incredible mowers has been explosive worldwide.  When you compare side by side the Swardman line of mowers with all of its benefits, it stands out in a class of its own.  Swardman has committed to an off season investment to triple production capabilities to keep up with demand for 2021.  In the meantime, we are working very hard to deliver mowers as fast as possible.  Although not ideal, the wait is worth it!  

Swardman Electra 55 Reel Mower (Battery Powered)

  • reel mowing system (replaceable cartridges – mowing, verticutting, scarifying, and sanding)
  • compact size, working range of 21.65″ inches
  • heavy duty design
  • Czech manufacturer
  • a wide range of practical accessories available
  • up to 2 years warranty for residential use

Swardman Electra is the world’s first garden mower powered by two independent electric motors, and also worlds’ quietest mower with the noise level at the operator’s ear at only 67 dB. Electra’s loudness is ca. 5x lower compared to an ordinary rotary mower.

A further advantage of Electra are minimum service requirements, thanks to the absence of a combustion engine, a minimum share of plastic parts, mobile parts made strictly out of metal and a genuine, high-quality constructionConfigure Your Custom Electra Reel Mower Above! Once you Configure the basics here, view our other Mower Accessories

Electra is the most modern reel mower on the market for residential lawns It was developed in the Czech Republic by lawn expert Tomáš Šena and inventor Marek Votroubek.   The mower minimizes the use of plastic parts and its entire structure was designed for long service life and reliability. It is produced in the Czech Republic by Swardman, s.r.o.

The goals during the design stages of the Electra reel mower were as follows: “It has to be the best mower on the market for the average user. It has to be lawn-friendly, reliable, with a long service life, a cartridge system, and it has to be a joy to use.”

The Electra Special configuration comes with powerful LiFePO4 accumulator, a lithium-iron-phosphate battery called Extra, which is able to power Electra for up to 15.000 ft( 1.400 m2) of lawn. It is made to deal with most sizes of lawns and is also suitable for frequent mowing and extensive regenerative activities – verticutting, dethatching, sanding.

Package contents

  • reel lawn mower
  • grass catcher
  • operation manual
Electra 55 Reel Mower with 6 Blade Reel (Battery)

Swardman Cartridge Reel Service

Did you know we offer to-your-door cartridge reel service? We handle the entire process. Your reel will be inspected & sharpened by a certified Swardman Mechanic.

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