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Swardman Scarifier Cartridge - Edwin 45

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Swardman Scarifier Cartridge

A removable Swardman dethather cartridge for Swardman reel mowers.

The Scarifier will clean the lawn perfectly and remove thatch build up that robs your turf of valuable nutrients, oxygen, and water.

Additional uses for the Scarifier (Dethatcher) Cartridge are to clean up debris such as gumballs, small sticks, leaves, needles, small stones, mulch, and acorns which have fallen onto the turf.

The Scarifier also does an incredible job of breaking up the soil cores left on your lawn after aerating.  These valuable soil cores once broken up will return uncompact into the holes left by the aerator which is optimal.

This is one of the key accessories.

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 12 × 10 in

Edwin 45, Edwin 55, Electra 45, Electra 55

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