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Ron Henry And The Reel Rollers Visit

Question: what has two arms, two legs, three reel mowers and a YouTube channel? If you answered Richard Simmons like the rest of us, you’d be 100% wrong. It’s Ron Henry! If you don’t have a friend down the street like Ron, you might want to start getting to know your neighbors. He’s a pretty cool guy. If I’ve ever got a question about something pertaining to my yard, Ron is one of the best people to bounce ideas off of. He’s pretty darn bright. He’s always happy to offer up a suggestion or help me solve a problem… that is, if I can keep up with his 157 words-per-minute talk rate. I’ve also noticed a low, whirring sound while speaking with Ron, and as it turns out, it’s the sound of information whizzing clear over my head at the speed of light.

Nevertheless, Ron is a always a welcomed presence at Reel Rollers. Who knows, maybe you can run into him and pick his brain if you’re in our neck of the woods! He knows so much about maintaining Bermudagrass, and he’s always happy to share his wealth of knowledge; the proof is in the pudding! Check out his YouTube channel here!

He has a LIVE Q&A every Friday night. He’s making waves in the reel mowing community, and we’re lucky to be on the front row of his journey. Take a look at Ron’s first ever visit to Reel Rollers, and meet the Reel Rollers Team!

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