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California Trimmer

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California Trimmer has a long history in the lawn care industry, dating back to 1935. With decades of experience, the brand has earned a reputation for producing durable and reliable reel mowers.

As proud retailers of California Trimmer Reel Mowers, we understand the importance of precision, durability, and quality in achieving that perfect lawn. Explore our extensive collection of California Trimmer parts, designed to keep your mower performing at its best and your lawn looking immaculate.

At Reel Rollers, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive in-house inventory of parts for California Trimmer mowers. We’re not just another drop shipper. Our extensive stock covers everything from mower chains engineered for optimal power transmission and durability to precision-crafted front rollers for that perfect lawn finish, backlap kits for easy maintenance, and essential components like the center wheel, caster wheel, handle, rear axle, and reel frame assembly parts to keep your mower performing at its best. 

What sets us apart is not just the breadth of our inventory but also the ease with which you can find the right part, thanks to our simple-to-use parts diagrams. Coupled with our competitive pricing and fast delivery services, Reel Rollers is your go-to source for all your mower part needs, ensuring you get the parts you need quickly and efficiently without the wait.

California Trimmer FAQs

Q. How can I order replacement parts for my California Trimmer reel mower?

A. We are the largest dealer for reel mower parts nationwide and have two easy ways to find the parts you need. We sell parts for California Trimmer, McLane, Swardman, Tru Cut, and Reel Rollers brand reel mowers. If you need clarification on the part number or name, click on the type of part (e.g., chains), select your California Trimmer mower model, and refer to the diagram.  Another option is to use our convenient search box in the top right-hand corner of our website.


Q. I need to order a 20″, 7-blade Honda engine California Trimmer with the grooved front roller. If I order both at the same time, will the front roller be installed before shipping?

A. No, the roller will need to be installed once you receive it. However, installation of the roller only takes 10 minutes. Our front rollers are designed to use the existing hardware (nuts, washers, bolts) that secure the stock front caster wheels to your mower. The instructions on installing the front roller will be with the kit. Typically, you’ll need basic tools like a wrench, screwdriver, and possibly a hammer. Before you begin, make sure the mower is turned off, and disconnect the spark plug to prevent accidental starts.


Q. You had mentioned that I could order California Trimmer parts online and pick them up at a drop box. How do I do this?

A. First, check that we have the necessary parts on our website. Please make sure you put the correct model in to ensure we have it in the inventory. At checkout, simply select the “local pick up” shipping option. You will receive an automated email letting you know where to find your order and that it is ready for pickup.


Q. When backlapping my California Trimmer mower, what is the difference between 80 grit and 120 grit for sharpening? And which should I get?

A. An 80 grit backlapping compound has a rougher texture and is more in line with regular reel mower users. A 120 grit is typically used for fine cutting, typically on 10-blade reel mowers used more frequently during the season.


Q. Do you service California Trimmer reel mowers?

A. We do not service reel mowers at our Buford shop, but we created a tool on our website to support the reel mowing community. At the link below, we have a database of shops across the country that do service reel mowers (sharpen blades). This is a 100% free resource for both customers and repair shops. Type in your zip code, and the map will list shops in your area.  

Find reel mower service shops near you.


Q. How will my reel mower be delivered if I have it shipped to my home address?

A. It will come on its own separate pallet, wrapped and ready to open. It’s best to coordinate with our delivery company to ensure that it’s put in a secure location at delivery.