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🏪Store Info

Reel Rollers is located 45 minutes north of Atlanta in Buford, GA, at 2333 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Buford, GA 30518.

Reel Rollers is open from 8 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday.

Contact Reel Rollers by phone, email, or in person. Visit the Contact Us page for more details.

Yes, local customers can either visit the retail store during business hours or place an order online for “Local Pick Up” and retrieve it from customer pickup lockers after hours.

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Absolutely. Reel Rollers prioritizes customer privacy and security, using encrypted communication for transactions and not storing credit card information after completion.

Reel Rollers offers two ways to find parts: using parts diagrams by mower brand or utilizing the search box on the website.

Reel Rollers sells Revolution, McLane, California Trimmers, and Tru Cut brand reel mowers.

No, all items sold by Reel Rollers are new.

Reel Rollers will send an email notifying you when your order is ready for pickup, and you can choose between in-store or customer pickup locker options.

💳 Payments

Reel Rollers accepts American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal.

Yes, Reel Rollers offers financing through PayPal Credit, providing customers with the option for 0% financing for six months at checkout.

Sign up for our newsletter, and we will send you details of our sales and discount codes.

Reel Rollers does not offer additional discounts for military or seniors but provides PayPal Credit as a finance option at checkout.

Yes, call 678-546-3636 during business hours to place an order over the phone.

To become a Reel Rollers Dealer, email for further inquiries.


Reel Rollers ships over 95% of orders within 24 hours, and delivery typically takes three to five business days, depending on location and inventory.

The mower is delivered on a separate pallet, securely wrapped, and ready to open. Coordinate with the delivery company for a secure location.

Yes, Reel Rollers ships to Hawaii, but currently only within the 50 USA states. We do not ship to Canada or anywhere else in the world right now.

No, Reel Rollers keeps all items in stock and ships orders within 24 hours, avoiding drop-shipping and ensuring prompt delivery.

⚙️Reel Mower Maintenance

Reel Rollers does not service mowers but provides resources and a Grinder Finder tool to locate service shops.

Check out our free Grinder Finder tool, which lists service shops across the country that sharpen reel mowers.

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Reel Mowing FAQs

Not all reel mowers are expensive. Manual reel mowers are affordable entry-level options compared to powered gas/battery-operated units. Reel mowers provide improved cut quality and overall lawn health.

Reel mowers have horizontal spinning blades creating an updraft, while rotary mowers use high-speed impact blades. Reel mowers are preferred for lower mowing heights, while rotary mowers perform better at higher heights.

Reel mowers, regardless of brand, share a common feature — an incredible cut. The brand differences lie in additional features and specifications.

More blades on a reel mower make it harder to cut taller grass. They are suitable for low turf lawns (below 1/4 inch), and increased blades may necessitate more frequent mowing.

Yes, the Revolution Reel Mower is suitable for conquering steep slopes, you can watch the video here.

Reel mowers can be used on ryegrass, Bermuda, zoysia, and St. Augustine, with a preference for warm-season lawns.

Reel mowers perform best at 1 inch or below.

No, faster ground speed may cause the reel to not cut properly, depending on grass density and height.

Lawn stripes result from sunlight reflecting off grass blades. Determine a cutting pattern and mow consistently in that direction.

Lawn canopy is formed by overhanging grass foliage. Correct lawn density prevents poor-quality cuts and turf disease.

No, catching grass clippings every time is not necessary. Adjust the frequency based on your preference and lawn condition.


Clean the reel mower after every use, ensuring the case cover is on during mowing to avoid debris buildup.

Winterize after setting the desired dormant height of cut by draining/burning fuel, changing oil, spark plug, and air filter.

Reel Rollers recommends using vegetable oil to protect the reel and prevent damage to the grass upon reuse.

Use the Grinder Finder tool on the Reel Rollers website to locate service shops by zip code.

No, after disengaging the reel lever, the reel should slowly come to a stop with minimal contact with the bedknife.

It is recommended to check the reel to bedknife on the Revolution 26 at least once per week during the growing season.

Backlap, as an interim method, between re-grinding when brown tips appear in the turf after mowing during the growing season.

mower front rollers

Front Roller FAQs

Smooth roller advantages:

  • Eliminates scalping
  • Stripes your lawn
  • Smooths uneven lawns
  • Added front weight reduces bouncing and uneven cuts.

Grooved roller advantages (in addition to the above):

  • Reduces thatch
  • Ideal for thick, well-established lawns
  • Straighter mowing stripes
  • A more consistent and tighter cut due to 60% of grass blades not being pressed down by the roller.

Reel Rollers has a massive inventory of front rollers and replacement parts. Check out our parts diagrams for front rollers, or contact us at for assistance with placing your parts order.

The bearings are replaceable, and while they are not designed for greasing, spraying them heavily with WD-40 and rotating them can help if they are stiff due to external surface rust.

Try using WD-40 to loosen the bearings. If unsuccessful, Reel Rollers provides replacement bearings with instructions on installation.

No, front rollers are not interchangeable between brands. Each front roller is specific to the manufacturer and mower size for an exact fit and identical cutting height.

No, Reel Rollers Front Rollers are designed to maintain the same height adjustment function and cutting heights as the stock front caster wheels.

Yes, the grass catcher can still be used with the Reel Rollers Front Roller.

No, Reel Rollers Front Rollers are designed to use existing hardware (nuts, washers, bolts) securing stock front caster wheels. Instructions and YouTube videos are available for installation.

The bearings are sealed, and no additional lubrication is required. Reel Rollers offers a kit with replacement bearings and inner bushings for maintenance.

No, Reel Rollers does not offer custom front rollers for brands outside of McLane, California Trimmer, or Tru Cut.

No, Reel Rollers does not manufacture a 17″ front roller for McLane brand reel mowers.

Yes, the grooved and smooth rollers are identical in size.

While possible, the internal components may have fused together over time. We recommend replacing the entire assembly for optimal performance.

Reel Mower Kickstand Brace Support Reel Rollers Prop Up Mower

Backlapping FAQs

Refer to our resources page or conduct an internet search for numerous YouTube videos demonstrating how to backlap each brand of reel mower.

Backlapping is a common practice for reel mower owners to maintain a sharp edge throughout the mowing season. By spinning the reel backward and applying a sharpening compound, the bedknife and reel form a new sharp leading edge. 

Homeowners typically backlap their reels twice per season, after the spring scalp and in late July or early August.

The 80 grit has a rougher texture and is more in line with regular reel customers. The 120 grit is typically used for fine cutting, especially on 10-blade reel mowers that are used more frequently during the season.

There is no set schedule for backlapping; your grass will indicate when a fresh cutting edge is needed. If you notice a brown haze across the lawn two days after mowing, it indicates that the reel is tearing the blades rather than cutting them precisely. First, ensure a consistent and clean cut by adjusting the reel to bedknife. If a clean cut cannot be achieved after adjustment, consider backlapping the reel.

Yes, larger sizes of backlap compound (25lb or 50lb containers) are available. Contact us for a quote at