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At Reel Rollers, we understand that the quality of your lawn care equipment directly impacts the beauty of your lawn. That’s why we offer an extensive selection of Swardman parts, each chosen for its durability, reliability, and compatibility with your Swardman Edwin or Swardman Electra reel mower.

At Reel Rollers, we provide essential components at competitive prices with swift delivery times. We stock Swardman parts, including bedknives, critical for achieving a pristine, well-manicured lawn. These bedknives ensure a consistent and level cut, essential for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your lawn.

We also stock durable belts to ensure uninterrupted power and performance for your Swardman reel mower. Alongside, we offer a selection of cables for seamless control and maneuverability, allowing for easy navigation across various lawn types.

Our inventory extends to quality screws and bolts, integral to the mower’s structural integrity and overall durability. Additionally, we provide engine service kits, complete with air filters, spark plugs, and oil, designed to keep your mower’s engine in top condition, ensuring reliable performance season after season.

Our streamlined parts diagrams make finding the right part straightforward so you can maintain your lawn with efficiency and ease.

Swardman FAQs

Q. Do you guys sell Swardman mowers?

A. No, we don’t sell Swardman mowers themselves, but we sell replacement parts for the Electra and Edwin models. 


Q. How can I order replacement parts for my Swardman reel mower?

A. We are the largest dealer for reel mower parts nationwide and have two easy ways to find the parts you need. We sell parts for California Trimmer, McLane, Swardman, Tru Cut, and Revolution brand reel mowers. If you need clarification on the part number or name, click on “Swardman parts” and refer to the diagram at the top of the page. Another option is to use our convenient search box in the top right-hand corner of our website.


Q. When backlapping my Swardman mower, what is the difference between 80 grit and 120 grit for sharpening? And which should I get?

A. 80 grit backlapping compound has a rougher texture and is more in line with regular reel mower users. A 120 grit is typically used for fine cutting, typically on 10-blade reel mowers used more frequently during the season.


Q. Do you service Swardman reel mowers?

A. We do not service reel mowers at our Buford shop, but we created a tool on our website to support the reel mowing community. At the link below, we have a database of shops across the country that do service reel mowers (sharpen blades). This is a 100% free resource for both customers and repair shops. Type in your zip code; the map will list shops in your area. 


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