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IDECH Rotary Scissors


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We have tested and fallen in love with this amazing product.  The bottom disc stops scalping of your turf while the metal disc design gives you 1 tool that both trims and edges with ease.  If you want healthier grass against your bed edges, driveway lines, and tough to reach areas, look no further- the solution is here. Meet the reel mower of the trimming and edging world, the IDECH Rotary Scissors. String trimmers tear and shred grass, like rotary mowers, but reel mowers cleanly cut blades of grass. That’s why the choice of reel mowers is quickly becoming the Rotary Scissors.


  • Blade rotation stops quickly when throttle is released
  • Bottom disk is designed to rest on the ground and prevent scalping
  • Fits straight shaft trimmers with solid drive shaft; vertically as an edger
  • Includes adapters to fit a variety of common trimmers
  • Includes adapters: 6mm-10 teeth, 7mm-13 teeth, 7mm-7 teeth, 8mm, 9 teeth and 5.2mm-square
  • Includes standard 18/15 tooth blade set
  • Patent pending design prevents kickback and thrown debris
  • Replacement blades available in standard 18/15 tooth with optional sets available of 21/18 teeth or 28/24 teeth
  • Safer to use around areas with sand or water, can even be used in shallow water
  • Use with 25cc or higher engine
Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 in

There will be a 5% restocking fee applied to all returns.

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