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McLane Reel Mower – Smooth Front Roller

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At Reel Rollers, innovation is our language, and our mission is revolutionizing your lawn care experience. We proudly stand as the original inventor and patent holder of the aftermarket Front Roller — a game-changing innovation that seamlessly replaces the stock front caster wheels on McLane 20″ and 25″ Reel Mowers. Buying from us means you are buying directly from the manufacturer.

Reel mowers excel at efficiently trimming warm-season grasses, promoting the growth of lush and dense turf. Nonetheless, if your lawn features slopes, irregular soil, flower beds, sidewalks, or pathways, the front wheels often dip into these low areas, leading to unsightly scalping. This not only diminishes the visual appeal of your lawn but also causes harm to the turf and accelerates the dulling of your reel mower blades.

Replacing the stock front caster (grocery cart) wheels with our patented Front Roller keeps your reel mower level at the highest point across your cut, resulting in a smooth striped lawn.

Curious about the transformation? Watch our video!

The Front Roller Advantage:

  • Eliminates scalping: Say goodbye to the unsightly aftermath of scalping. Our patented Front Roller ensures your reel mower stays level, preventing front wheels from falling into low spots and protecting your lawn from damage.
  • Stripes your lawn: Elevate your lawn aesthetics with precision stripes. The Front Roller creates a professional striped finish that sets your lawn apart.
  • Smooths uneven lawns: Uneven terrain? No problem. Our Front Roller smooths the bumps, ensuring a consistent and pristine cut across your lawn.
  • Added front weight: Reduce bouncing and achieve an even cut with the added front weight provided by our Front Roller. Your mower glides effortlessly for a professional finish.
  • Extends blade life: Preserve the life of your reel mower blades. Our Front Roller minimizes wear and tear, ensuring durability and longevity for your cutting edges.

Our patented Front Rollers are constructed from heavy-duty bearings and thick steel precisely cut to be the exact same height as your stock front wheels right here in the USA. In less than 10 minutes, you can install our Front Roller, which allows you to continue adjusting your mower’s height.

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McLane Front Roller Size

17 Inch, 20 Inch, 25 Inch

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