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McLane Reel Mower – Grooved Front Roller

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Reel Rollers is the original inventor and patent holder for the Front Roller, which seamlessly replaces the stock front caster wheels found on McLane 20″ and 25″ Reel Mowers. You purchase directly from Reel Rollers (manufacturer of the front roller). Reel mowers, masters of trimming warm-season grasses to perfection, create a canvas of thick, healthy turf. However, navigating hills, uneven soil, flower beds, sidewalks, or driveways can lead to unsightly scalping as front wheels dip into low spots. Scalping not only diminishes your lawn’s beauty but also accelerates blade dulling. Enter our patented Front Roller — the key to maintaining a level cut and achieving that coveted smooth, striped lawn.

Grooved Front Roller Precision: A Cut Above

Maintains Cutting Height

One of the key advantages of a Reel Rollers Grooved Front Roller is that our roller maintains the same cutting height as the factory front caster wheels. This is important because our roller allows you to cut down to 1/2″ for scalping each spring, just like the front wheels on a McLane reel mower. McLane makes incredible mowers and parts; however, the McLane Grooved Front Roller manufactured by McLane is a larger diameter and will not allow you to cut below 3/4″.

Deep Grooves, Surface Contact

Another great advantage of the Grooved Front Roller by Reel Rollers is that our grooves are deep, but we also maintain good surface contact with your soil so that the roller doesn’t dig too deep into your soil. We did test designs with “washers” as the grooves in the roller, but this made turning difficult, and if the soil was moist, the roller sunk into the soil. McLane Grooved Roller Comparison The Grooved Front Roller Advantage:
  • Eliminates scalping: Bid farewell to scalping woes as our Grooved Front Roller keeps your mower level, preventing damage to your lawn.
  • Stripes your lawn: Make your yard look incredible with precision stripes, showcasing your desired professional finish.
  • Smooths uneven lawns: Conquer uneven terrain effortlessly, thanks to our Grooved Front Roller that smoothens the bumps.
  • Added front weight: Reduce bouncing and achieve an even cut with the added front weight provided by our roller.
  • Extends blade life: Preserve the life of your reel mower blades, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Grooved Rollers reduce thatch
  • Grooved Rollers are ideal for well-established lawns.
  • Grooved Rollers leave a more consistent and tighter cut because a roller is not pressing down 60% of the grass blades.
Our patented Front Rollers are constructed from heavy-duty bearings and thick aluminum precisely cut to be the exact same height as your stock front wheels right here in the USA. In less than 10 minutes, you can install our Front Roller, which allows you to continue adjusting your mower’s height.
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
McLane Front Roller Size

20 Inch, 25 Inch

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
McLane Front Roller Size

20 Inch, 25 Inch

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