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Reel Mower Height of Cut Sticker - Tru Cut 25"/27" - Tru Cut 25"/27" - Tru Cut 25"/27"



Increase your accuracy. Track your progress. Understand your grass even more. Knowing your height of cut can be a game-changer, and finally, you can increase the convenience and ease of use of your machine by adding a height-of-cut sticker.

Optimize the consistency and accuracy of your McLane, Tru-Cut, and California Trimmer reel mowing with a height-of-cut sticker! Finally, we’ve created a guide to use as a reference point for grass height. When the dog days of summer become too hot, and you need to raise your height of cut, you’ll have a much better idea of the length you should increase by. Information is key to achieving the perfect cut on your lawn, and the more informed you are about your turf, the better you’ll be able to make decisions on your interventions.

Reel Mower Brand

McLane, California Trimmer 2 Hole, California Trimmer 3 Hole, Tru Cut 20", Tru Cut 25"/27"


*The Reel Rollers Height of Cut sticker helps users to better identify the height of cut with their respective machine. The heights denoted on the sticker are bench measurements, and soil moisture saturation, grass height, and thickness can distort the values set using the sticker as a reference, or guide.

There will be a 5% restocking fee applied to all returns.