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Reel Rollers SPANCH - Spanner and Box Wrench Combo Tool


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The Reel Rollers SPANCH is another exclusive product designed to make Reel Mowing easier.  Our SPANCH is a combination of 2 tools needed to service your Tru Cut Reel Mower.  On one end, you have a traditional Spanner Wrench used to adjust the reel to bedknife.  On the other end, we’ve designed a box wrench that is narrow so you can use it on the Tru Cut clutch adjustments.  A traditional box wrench is too thick to adjust a Tru Cut clutch.

If you already own a traditional Spanner Wrench, don’t worry having 2 spanner wrenches actually makes adjusting your reel to bedknife easier when you can turn both retainers at the same time.  Bonus, we are selling our SPANCH for less than a traditional Spanner Wrench.

There will be a 5% restocking fee applied to all returns.