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No. However when mowing with a reel mower you are cutting at a lower height where the grass blade is stiffer. The grass actually gets rolled into the cutting blade and creates a more even cut. Using the stock caster wheels as an example, your grass does not have (2) high areas where the front wheels rolled over the grass before being cut. Same result with the roller.

The roller is designed to keep the cutting blade at the highest point of the cutting width. In our demo video you can see how the roller keeps the mower level as you cut around flower beds and driveways.

Yes. Our patented design allows for height adjustment and is exactly the same dimensions as your caster wheel assembly resulting in the exact same cutting height.

No. In the past we manufactured a grooved roller but due to the cost and customer feedback we moved to a better performing smooth roller design. The grooved roller is expensive to make and in turn expensive to sell. The grooved roller is designed for a commercial golf course application because of the low cutting heigth required. The average residential reel mower owner would not lift the front of their mower up high enough on turns resulting in lawns with missing chunks of grass on turns. Lastly, the grooved roller is light weight which resulted in a “bouncing” front end to the reel mower. Our roller is designed for the residential lawn application. Residential lawns are more prone to hills, uneven lawns, and flower beds which requires more weight on the front end of your reel mower to gain an even cut.

All of our rollers are made from heavy duty steel and heavy duty parts designed to outlast your reel mower.

We make 100% of our rollers in house in the USA. Bearings are the only part we outsource.

Many lawn more shops who service or sell reel mowers will have rollers in stock. If they do not, they can order a roller through their regional distributor who will in turn order from Reel Rollers.

Yes. Instructions are sent and they are posted on our website for future reference in a printable format.

On average, it takes 10 minutes to swap out a roller if it is your first time. In the shop, we’ve held contests and the record stands at a little over 4 minutes.

Most likely. We offer rollers for gas powered reel mowers in all sizes for Tru Cut, McLane, and Trimmer. Many of the John Deere, Craftsman, and Toro reel mowers have the same caster assembly as McLane. If you are unsure, please contact us and we can confirm which roller will fit your gas powered reel mower.

Orders usually ship out with 24 – 48 hours, and receiving your order will depend on the shipping method chosen at the time of your order.

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