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Why buy the

Revolution 26?

At Reel Rollers, we believe in addressing the real challenges faced by lawn care enthusiasts. Tapping into our own experiences and the insights shared by our community, we recognized the need for a mower that not only delivers impeccable results but also solves the common headaches associated with other reel mowers on the market.

Reel Rollers Revolution 26 Reel Mower
The Power of Partnership:

Reel Rollers + Masport

In our quest for excellence, we joined forces with Masport, a legendary name with over 100 years of expertise in crafting reel mowers. Together, we set out to redefine what a reel mower could be — and the Revolution 26 was born.

Revolution 26:

Designed with You in Mind

Our Revolution 26 has been meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of our customers. We’ve listened, learned, and created a mower that addresses common issues with precision and purpose.

The Revolution 26 Reel Mower stands out in the market with its unique design and operational features, setting a new standard in lawn care efficiency and durability.

Reel Rollers Revolution 26 Reel Mower

Ground Propulsion System

Our leading advantage over the competition lies in the mower’s innovative ground propulsion system, which operates independently from the reel engagement mechanism. This means you can engage your ground speed without having to engage the spinning reel, a feature not commonly found in other reel mowers.

Most reel mowers require you to engage the reel just to move the mower.

This has several negative implications.

Premature blade dulling

With conventional mowers, the reel must spin whenever the mower is in motion, which can lead to unnecessary blade wear when moving across surfaces not intended for mowing. The Revolution 26 avoids this, preserving the sharpness of the blades for longer periods.

Heat-induced reel expansion

Spinning the reel without the intention to cut grass generates heat, causing the reel to expand. This thermal expansion can place undue strain on the mower's drivetrain. By separating ground propulsion from reel engagement, the Revolution 26 minimizes this risk, ensuring the mower operates within optimal temperature ranges.

Avoiding unnecessary damage

When the reel spins unnecessarily, there's always a risk of striking objects that can cause costly damage to the blades and the reel mechanism. Our mower mitigates this risk by allowing you to transport it from the garage to the grass, between front and back yards, or onto a trailer for transportation without engaging the reel.

By addressing these common concerns, the Revolution 26 drive system Reel Mower provides a superior alternative to traditional models, making it a wise choice for those seeking the best in lawn care technology.
Reel Rollers Revolution 26 Reel Mower

Relief Ground Reel from the Factory

The Revolution 26 Reel Mower is its factory-equipped relief ground reel, a feature that sets it apart in the world of lawn care. This advanced design significantly streamlines the maintenance process, specifically backlapping, making it quicker and easier than ever before.

Why worry about the hustle of constant sharpening? With traditional reel mowers, you’re looking at forking out $100 to $200 every year just to keep those blades in tip-top shape. But with the Revolution 26 waving its magic relief ground reel, we’re slashing those visits down to once every 3-4 years. Yeah, you heard that right. This isn’t just a small win; it’s a giant leap for your wallet and a massive save on your time and effort.

We’re not just tossing in features for the heck of it. The relief ground reel comes factory-fitted because we believe in delivering excellence straight out of the box. It means you’re getting peak performance and unmatched longevity from the get-go, making your mowing experience not only superior but also kinder to your pocket. 

The Revolution 26 isn’t just a mower; it’s your lawn’s best friend, promising a lush, beautifully maintained green without the usual fuss or hefty upkeep costs.

Handles Like a Pro

The Revolution 26 Reel Mower elevates user comfort and storage convenience to professional standards.

Comfort handles

Ergonomically shaped with neoprene soft grips, these handles absorb sweat and eliminate vibration, providing unmatched comfort and maneuverability.

Height adjustment

Whether you're 5ft 6 or 6ft 5, the Revolution 26 allows for customization of the handle height to fit your comfort level, eliminating the common struggle with uncomfortable handle heights found in other mowers.

Smart foldable design

Engineered for convenience, the foldable handle feature ensures the mower can be stored compactly, addressing bulky storage issues and saving valuable space in your garage or shed without sacrificing performance.

Revolution 26:

A Clean Cut Starts with the Bedknife

At Reel Rollers, we’re all about pushing the boundaries of what you can expect from your lawn, and the Revolution 26 is leading the charge with its top-of-the-line commercial-grade bedknife. It’s not just any bedknife; we’ve crafted it with a special bottom curve that lets you get those ultra-low, magazine-cover cuts without worrying about scraping the ground. It isn’t just about looking good, though (even though it does look fantastic) — it’s about a bedknife designed to go the distance, lasting longer thanks to its horizontal face that meets the reel in a perfect handshake for that crisp, clean cut every time.

We didn’t stop there. Knowing how frustrating stripped screws can be, we’ve swapped out the old flat heads for sleek Allen heads on our bedknife screws. This upgrade isn’t just for looks — it means you can adjust and maintain your mower without the hassle, keeping everything running smoothly with minimal fuss.

Reel Rollers Revolution 26 Reel Mower

Maintenance Made Easy

Keeping your lawn pristine with the Revolution 26 mower is like a walk in the park, and here’s why:

HD chain drive system

This beauty runs on an all HD chain drive, saying goodbye to belts and hello to direct, powerful transmission of energy from the robust Honda GX160 engine right to the reel and rear drum. This means more power, more durability, and that satisfying strength in each cut.

American standard chain sizes

We know the devil is in the details, so we've swapped out those British standard chains for American Standard Chain sizes — yep, the kind you can pick up from any local hardware store. So, if a chain decides to take a break, you won't be left watching the grass grow for a week waiting for parts.

Noise-dampening side cover

Noise? What noise? Our unique side cover, lined with foam, not only muffles the sound but also keeps pesky debris away from the vital chain-driven bits, ensuring a smoother, quieter mow.

Maintenance-free bearings

We're all about keeping things simple, so you won't find any zerks here; we're talking all sealed bearings for a maintenance-free ride.

Honda GX 160 engine

The Honda GX 160 engine we've tucked inside is as reliable as they come, powering through the grass with ease.

Effortless backlapping

Easy with a common 1/2" socket and no chains to fuss with.

Simple adjustments

Our reel to bedknife bolts are a cinch to tweak for that perfect cut, requiring nothing more than a 1/2" socket — no loosening side retainers or hunting down special tools.

Reel Rollers Revolution 26 Reel Mower

Plastic Hooded Grass Catcher

Plastic grass catcher: Say hello to our durable, scratch-resistant grass catcher that’s as tough as it is efficient. Made of rust-free plastic, it’s built to last longer than a well-kept lawn in a rainstorm. Wave goodbye to grass clippings staging a rebellion on your freshly mowed turf; our hooded grass catcher is on the case, collecting every last bit of them with ease. No more post-mow cleanup marathons. Just a clean sweep, every time.

Smart grass dispersion fins: We’ve gone the extra mile with fins across the top of the grass shield, ensuring your clippings don’t just pile up but are evenly distributed right into the catcher. It’s a little helper rearranging the clippings to avoid build-up on one side, saving you the hassle. And if you’re going au naturel without the catcher, these fins work their magic to spread the clippings across your yard, ensuring those valuable nutrients get back into the soil, pronto.

Revolution 26:

Perfectly Balanced for an Unmatched Cut

The zero-edge side of our mower is armored with a thick steel guard that’s tougher than a two-dollar steak. It’s our secret to protecting those all-important bolts from the mean streets of your yard. But we’re not just playing defense against dings and dents; 

it’s about nixing that notorious stair-step look that turns your lawn into a wonky mess after each pass. Poorly balanced mowers? Never heard of them. With our meticulously engineered weight balance, each sweep across your green is as smooth as butter, leaving behind nothing but lawn perfection.

Our HD Front Grooved Roller isn’t just any roller; it’s the heavyweight champion of smooth and steady mowing. By shifting the balance of power right to the front, it does more than just lead the charge — it turns a bouncy, uneven lawn into a smooth ride. Hills that would normally have your mower acting like a bucking bronco? Consider them tamed. This front roller keeps your mower hugging the ground, ensuring every inch of your turf gets the VIP treatment it deserves.

Reel Rollers Revolution 26 Reel Mower
Why buy the

Revolution 26?

At Reel Rollers, we believe in addressing the real challenges faced by lawn care enthusiasts. Tapping into our own experiences and the insights shared by our community, we recognized the need for a mower that not only delivers impeccable results but also solves the common headaches associated with other reel mowers on the market.

Revolution 26

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we’re sorry. Maybe down the road, but that is a pretty big move for us at this point. We do not ship or sell any of our products in Canada currently.

Sorry, we cannot take trade-ins! We would be loaded with used mowers. We recommend listing it on Facebook Marketplace for the most success or some of the Facebook buy and sell pages.

 Your mower will be delivered through our residential freight partner via lift gate on a pallet securely wrapped.  Once your mower has reached a local delivery hub, our partner will contact you to coordinate the best delivery window.  Once delivered, the mower will be on a pallet and rolled up to your garage for easy unpacking.

Reel mowers perform at their best on shorter, dense turf. Tall grasses or sporadic weeds get pushed over before entering the reel to bedknife area.

Reel mowers are more effective when the lawn is not too long, wet, or undulating. Reel mowers also have a hard time chopping up twigs and going over rocks.

Using independent reel engagement, first disengage the reel and return the mower safely by minimizing sharp turns. Use low ground speed with a slight tilt during forward transportation to keep the grooved roller off hard surfaces.

Reel Rollers offers a two-year limited warranty on the mower unit and a two-year warranty on the engine for residential use. For commercial use, the warranty is 90 days.

80 grit backlapping compound is the standard for backlapping powered residential reel mowers because it sharpens faster and leaves a great sharp edge. 120 grit is typically used for fine cutting, typically on 10-blade reel mowers used more frequently during the season. It has a finer texture and is often used to “finish off” sharp edges. Super reel mowing enthusiasts love this, but it’s not a necessity.

The mower should never be stored outside or on a gravel surface. Avoid making your reel mower an obstacle or a safety issue. Utilize the folding handlebars so it can be stored in lower-profile areas.