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When reel mowing meets edging and trimming:
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Reel Mower Brands


Reel Rollers is the top choice for parts.

Here at Reel Rollers, our mission is to make reel mowing easier. Whether you’re new to the game, or you’ve been mastering your lawn for decades, we’ve got products that can make your lawn goals a reality. We offer parts and accessories for California Trimmer, McLane, Swardman, and Tru Cut reel mowers. We want to keep your machine running so  that you’ll be the envy of your neighborhood!

Visit our one-of-a kind Turf Park at our Buford location, and you’ll get a chance to demo every residential reel mower on the market today.


Why choose Reel Rollers?

The attention that every staff member at Reel Rollers gives to their own lawn is paralleled by the advice, knowledge, and lived experience that we give to customers that call or visit our shop in Buford, Ga. We’ve developed a culture of helpful advice delivered with humility. We learn with, and from our customers, and that’s part of what makes Reel Rollers the top choice for reel mowing enthusiasts across America!

Retire the Rotary.


Reel Rollers Turf Park

Reel Mowing is the most important step in having a great turf, regardless of which reel mower brand you use. My passion (my wife calls it my therapy) for great turf started in 2011 as homeowner and through my frusturation with the lack of support, resources, and products available to support my Reel Mowing passion, Reel Rollers was born. 10 years later we are the largest reel mower Dealer, Distributor, and Manufacturer dedicated to supporting homeowners who share our passion. Each year we strive to bring more value to our customers, so I’m proud to announce our newest endeavor for 2021, Reel Rollers Turf Park. Our Turf Park will be the testing grounds for customers and viewers to see the differences in not only reel mowers, parts, and accessories – but to see how these products perform on different turf. In 2021 we will document and share the progression as we prepare brand new sod for the mowing season and drive it toward absolutely perfection from scratch. Stay tuned as we evolve our (left to right) El Torro Zoysia, Zeon, Zoysia, and TifTuf Bermuda through best practices. If you are local, come visit and mower any of our turfs with any of the following demo mowers we have available for you: McLane, California Trimmer, Tru Cut, Allett, and Swardman.