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California Trimmer Reel Mower - Grooved Front Roller

From: $189.99


Reel Rollers is the original manufacturer of the front roller for the California Trimmer Reel Mower.  You are purchasing direct from the manufacturer.  Because we have no middle men and sell our products that we manufacture direct to customers, we can pass that savings on to you.

Reel mowers do an incredible job of cutting warm season grasses short which results in a thick healthy turf. However, if your lawn has hills, uneven soil, flower beds, sidewalks, or driveways your front wheels frequently fall into these low spots and scalp the lawn. Scalping the lawn is not only unsightly, but it damages your lawn and dulls your reel mower blades.

Replacing the stock front caster (grocery cart) wheels with our patented Front Roller (Smooth or Grooved) keeps your reel mower level at the highest point across your cut resulting in a smooth striped lawn.

Recently California Trimmer launched their Grooved Front Roller.  They are a great company, but we do believe our Grooved Rollers are better.

Below are the Top 5 reasons we believe our design is better.

  1. Our Grooved Rollers have deep grooves which reach down to your soil.  The grooves in our rollers are 2X the depth which is perfect for homeowners and professionals.  Uless you are cutting your lawn at sub 1/8″ of an inch, you are simply purchasing an expensive smooth roller from our competitors with no real benefits.
  2. Our Grooved Rollers are 1 solid piece which is more expensive to manufacture, but its important becuase a split front roller adds more fail points with 2 more bearings and 2 more bushings needed.  A split rear roller makes sense because its a pivot point, but when’s the last time you saw a John Deere or Toro with a split front roller?  Truth is, our competitors made a split front roller so it would be less expensive to ship and manufacture but market it as an advantage to you.  Don’t be tricked.
  3. Our Grooved Rollers are $50 cheaper than the competitors when you also consider their inflated shipping prices vs Reel Rollers.  Our goal is to make Reel Mowing more accessible for customers, not less.
  4. Our deep grooves to not trap debris.  Many of the Facebook or marketing pictures of the Trimmer Grooved Roller have grass, dirt, and debris trapped between the grooves rendering the grooves useless.  We went through 9 prototypes before we landed on our design for a reason, it wasn’t just to make a me too product and you’ve never seen debris in our Grooved roller.
  5. Our Grooved Roller helps you leave strait stripes with the defined edges vs rounded edges while making it very easy to turn because of the flat surface area between each groove.

We share this with you because we wanted customers to understand the difference in products.  Recently “pop up internet companies” have created confusion in the market by putting claims out there about products they don’t stock, don’t use, and didn’t design.  We’re proud to be part of the Reel Mowing Community focused on making Reel Mowing a better experience and easier.  In our 12 years we have created and launched over 8 product lines for this niche market with our sights on several more soon.

Is the grooved roller you’re shopping for actually grooved?


Know The Difference: Is the "grooved roller" you're looking at actually grooved?

Keep it simple.

Our patented Front Rollers are constructed from heavy duty bearings and thick aluminum precisely cut to be the exact same height as your stock front wheels right here in the USA. In less than 10 minutes you can install our Front Roller and allows you to continue to adjust the height of your mower.

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Trimmer Front Roller Size

20 Inch, 25 Inch

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