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Swardman REEL Service


Save Time and Money with our
Guaranteed Reel Services

Save time and money compared to traditional reel sharpening with our Reel Cartridge Sharpening Services.  Reel mowers by nature require their reel to be sharpened 1-2 per season for optimal performance.  Historically this meant you had to live near a shop who sharpens reels if you wanted to have a perfectly manicured lawn from a reel mower.  Our reel cartridge service includes all shipping, the sharpening by a certified Swardman grinder/ technician, and a brand new bedknife installed onto your reel cartridge.

Here’s how it works:

Instead of wasting the time of loading your heavy lawn mower into your car and paying $125 – $175 to have your reel sharpened by a local shop 2 times per season, simply purchase the reel service below when your reel needs sharpened and we’ll send you a prepaid shipping label that you can place on the box with custom foam provided when you purchased your mower.  You can drop your reel cartridge off at any 1,000+ UPS Access points which can be found at

Once we have your reel in house, we’ll service your reel in 4 business days or less and ship your reel safely right back to your door step without having the hassle of:

    • Finding a service shop who sharpens reels
    • Scheduling an appointment
    • Time lost loading and unloading your mower or paying $50 for pick up/delivery
    • Down time of not having your reel back quickly
    • Uncertainty of quality of service vs Swardman Certified Technicians

When should I sharpen my reel to start each season?  We recommend getting into a cycle to ensure you have a great cut all season long.  Each year you should scalp or top off the grass prior to coming out of winter dormancy (March – April).  This first cut ideally would be with the dull reel you ended with last growing season.  Once you scalp the lawn you should send your reel in for sharpening so you can start the season off with a fresh cut reel and you have a 2-3 week window of when the grass will really begin growing.

How many times per year do I need to sharpen my reel?  One of the GREATEST benefits of the Swardman reel cartridge design is that the bedknife is disposable, easily replaced, and inexpensive ($22).  Instead of having to ship your reel to us multiple times in a season to be sharpened, you instead can simply replace the bedknife and get that great cut back.   We recommend replacing your bedknife 1 – 2 times per season (Late June/ Early July and then Late August/ Early September).

Print Pre-Paid UPS Label

Delivered to your Door Step

Service Guaranteed

Custom foam & double walled boxes to ensure safe transport from door step to door step

Reel Cartridge Packaging
Reel Cartridge Packaging
Reel Cartridge Packaging

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