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California Trimmer Replacement Parts

Finding the parts you need has never been easier

Hover over the diagram below with your cursor, and the magnifying feature will help you zoom in on the part you’re looking for. The number on the diagram corresponds with the number on the list you see on the right side of your screen. At the top of the list, on the right side, you’ll see a search option. Simply type the diagram number in the search, and the part you’re looking for will filter through.

# Description Price Qty
- Reel Mower Universal Chain Off-Set Link #40 - T11389 T11389  In Stock Original price was: $6.95.Current price is: $4.99.
- Reel Mower Chain Universal Master Link #40 T11255  In Stock $4.95
12 California Trimmer Thin Nylock Nut - CT922 CT922  In Stock $1.03
15 California Trimmer Hex Bolt - CT909 CT909  In Stock $1.03
16 California Trimmer Flat Washer - CT928 CT928  In Stock $1.03
34 California Trimmer Bearing Holder - CT25304 CT25304 $22.55
35 California Trimmer Center Wheel Shaft Bearing - CT25324 CT25324  In Stock $13.14
42 California Trimmer Set Screw - CT935 CT935  In Stock $1.03
75 California Trimmer 20" Homeowner Model (Post 2003) - Drive Chain (Master Link Included) - CTH0611 CTH0611  In Stock Original price was: $15.75.Current price is: $14.99.
79 California Trimmer Homeowner Model - Differential Chain (Master Link Included) - CT25611 CT25611  In Stock Original price was: $15.75.Current price is: $14.99.
80 California Trimmer Wheel Spacer - CT25323 CT25323  In Stock $2.49
81 California Trimmer Center Wheel Bearing - CT25307 CT25307  In Stock $7.61
82 California Trimmer Rear Tire Assembly - CT25306 CT25306  In Stock $46.38
83 California Trimmer 20" Homeowner Drive Shaft - CTH0301N CTH0301N  In Stock $97.59
84 California Trimmer Inner Drive Shaft Sprocket 8T (Stock) - CT25823 CT25823  In Stock $22.38
85 California Trimmer Drive Shaft Collar Pair - CT25315 CT25315  In Stock $8.75
86 California Trimmer Drive Shaft Exterior Sprocket 17T - CTH0310 CTH0310  In Stock $37.43