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Tru-Cut Replacement Parts

Finding the parts you need has never been easier

Hover over the diagram below with your cursor, and the magnifying feature will help you zoom in on the part you’re looking for. The number on the diagram corresponds with the number on the list you see on the right side of your screen. At the top of the list, on the right side, you’ll see a search option. Simply type the diagram number in the search, and the part you’re looking for will filter through.

# Description Price Qty
- Tru Cut Cable Throttle Control H25/H27 Part #T18141 T18141  In Stock $52.45
Tru Cut Handle Bars 25/27 Part #T57113 T57113  In Stock
4 Tru Cut Cover Plate Part #T57114 T57114  In Stock $31.45
5 Tru Cut Grip Part #T11239 T11239  In Stock $10.43
6 Tru Cut Knob Part #T40408 T40408  In Stock $15.70
7 Tru Cut Finger Control Bar Part #T47357 T47357  In Stock $15.74
Tru Cut Rod Part #T11490 T11490  In Stock
Tru Cut Hex Head Machined Screw Part #T90566 T90566  In Stock
Tru Cut Screw (HONDA) Part #T90568 T90568  In Stock
Tru Cut Throttle Control Spacer Part #T18109 T18109  In Stock
32 Tru Cut Nut Part #T90303 T90303  In Stock $0.85
36 Tru Cut Hex Lock Nut Part #T90186 T90186  In Stock $2.00
Tru Cut U-Bolt Part #T11477 T11477  In Stock
42 Tru Cut Handle Support OHV C25/C27 Part #T31389 T31389  In Stock $31.45