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Liquid Wrench Chain and Cable Lube


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What’s the best lubricant for reel mower chain? We have the answer: Liquid Wrench Aerosol Chain Lube. This product is great. It doesn’t evaporate like other inferior spray lubricants. It’s easy to spray on, and clean up. Best of all, it won’t sling off your reel mower chain in the first few minutes of use! So… stop hurting your chains! Chances are, IF you’ve been lubricating the chain on your reel mower, you’ve used whatever’s laying around- WD-40, engine oil… anything you can get your hands on to make the squeaky chain quiet down. Unfortunately, all other lubricants either evaporate before they achieve their maximum effect, or sling off the chain after the first few minutes of use. Not anymore. When it comes to reel mowing, one simply cannot afford to break a chain in the middle of mowing. Keep your chains healthy and lubricated with a product meant for that exact application. The enemy of chain life on your reel mower is rust, corrosion, and heat. Stop all of it with Liquid Wrench Chain and Cable Lube, and never look back!


LIQUID WRENCH® Chain & Cable Lube with CERFLON® is for all chains and wire cable — industrial, farm, cycle and ATV. Contains anti-wear additives and synthetic moly for premium performance. Dry time optimized for maximum protection — dries only after entering chain links or cable strands.

These lubricants are formulated to penetrate wire rope and the pins and bushings within chain. These lubricants prevent damage from friction as the chain or rope engages with equipment.

Chain and Wire Rope Lubricants: 20° to 110°F, PTFE, 11 oz, Aerosol Can, Yellow, Liquid, For Chain

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