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Swardman Reel Mowers

Do More than Just Mow

Do More than Just Mow

With the Swardman cartridge system, you can verticut, scarify, mow at a specific level, sand, and even more!

Intuitive Design

Intuitive Design

Build your mower your way and make adjustments when needed.

Low Cost of Ownership

Low Cost of Ownership

Cost of parts are fair, not inflated. Save money and time by shipping your reel for sharpening vs hauling in your machine to a shop.


Easy to maneuver with the independent rear drum drive.

Swardman Edwin 2.1 Reel Mower

Swardman Edwin 2.1 Gas Powered Reel Mower

The Swardman Edwin stands out with its great maneuverability, surprisingly quiet and eco-friendly Briggs & Stratton engine with very low consumption and long lifespan.

All of these great enhancements – same price!

Swardman Electra Reel Mower

Swardman Electra Battery Powered Reel Mower

Exceptional battery-powered reel mower. Extremely low operational costs compared to traditional gas-powered mowers. Extremely quiet operation.

Precise Engine

The silent and reliable Briggs and Stratton engine ensures a quiet and smooth operation that will not disturb your neighbors.

All Metal Design

The entire structure is designed with zero plastic parts, resulting in a much longer service life and superb reliability.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

The Swardman cartridge system allows for owners to mail in their reel for sharpening vs hauling in their machine to a shop.​

Reel mowers vs rotary mowers

If you are still unsure whether a reel mower is the right one for your lawn, watch the video for a complete list of advantages of Swardman Reel Mowers.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

The Swardman Cartridge System

You can now do more than ever imaged with your reel mower. With the Swardman Cartridge System, you can transform your mower into a scarifier/dethatcher, verticutter,  or a rotary brush for sand application within 2 minutes.

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